Real estate
and business security

Based on a risk assessment of the company's offices and facilities, cost-effective protection based on the perimeter of thinking. The aim is to ensure the smooth working and prevents the company valuable information or material theft.

Our real estate and business security services include:

• Premises safety classification and the classification of the hedge

• Structural safety

- Key management, lock
- Fences, gates, lighting
- Structural burglary protection
- Cash, safety, fire safety cabinets
- The value storage units
- Security structures
- Building system
- Fire Safety

• Safety Supervision

- Technical security control
- Control of staff, visitors and vehicles
- Security and control room operation

• Safety meetings and negotiations

• Contract Management and Outsourcing

• Maintenance and service contracts and checks

Electrical installations

• IT internal networks

• Weak current systems

• Repair, service and maintenance

Criminal Security

Crime prevention and detection of crime occurred,
as well as monitoring the criminal situation.

The company's operations, personnel, and property against crime
- Looming internally crime
- Intimidating from the outside of crime

Criminal Risk management measures
- Preventive measures
- To detect such measures of crime
- Operation of the criminal case,
- Pre-trial lead and other preliminary studies
- Offenses in
- Crimes under public prosecution
- Drug testing at work

• Service and maintenance of technical equipment and installations

• Co-operation with authorities


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